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September 2016: National Food Safety Month


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Did you know that 1 on 6 Americans becomes ill from eating contaminated food?  Food safety is an important aspect to running an emergency food program and requires a commitment from everyone to make sure food is received, stored and distributed in the right manner.  In honor of National Food Safety Education Month, we invite you to renew your commitment to running a top-notch, food safe emergency food program.  Rally your team and complete the Food Pantry Self-Assessment Guide and/or Soup Kitchen Self-Assessment Guide to identify areas for improvement, have additional pantry and kitchen workers trained for free in food safety at United Way of NYC, Food Bank For NYC, or City Harvest, and lastly remember the best food safety advice  …  when in doubt, throw it out. 


 For more information and to test your food safety savviness, visit the USDA website.

Zika Virus

A travel warning has been released regarding the Zika Virus. The New York State Department of Health has asked for our cooperation in getting the word out. Please print and post the advisory at your emergency food program site. For more information, please visit https://www.health.ny.gov/diseases/zika_virus/